Diabetes have long been held to be incurable and many health regulations in many countries still prohibit claims of cure. Under the threat of punitive measures, all in the name of protecting gullible consumers, many suffers.

We cannot claim to cure, but just to mitigate the effects of diabetes, particularly if you develope gangrene or ulcers that will eventually lead to amputations. Below are some testimony to the effect where legs( and lives) have been saved. At our herbal clinic in JB, we continue to do what we can to improve your health.

Remember if you get healthy, all chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, parkinson, goitre, etc will stay away. To stay is so simple, dont let it get complicated.
After one week of taking inexpensive herbal supplement, his wound starts to dry and this is the result after 16 weeks - healing in progress with help from Tri-plex herbal supplement. It finally allowed his medications to take effect and heal his wounds.
After 20 weeks - an almost healed foot and problem under control. A very happy man who saved his foot and his wallet.
Another serious one on the way to being cured. Left wound completely healed, right wound almost dry after 2 months.

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