Not a very nice sight when started.

No change in diet needed. Just pop in 2 capsules a day and let the 100% herbal stuff gets to work. Emulsify's fats and prevent absorption.

The capsules dont actually slim you down directly but it enhances your liver function. You loose weight naturally once you are healthy. For more information, drop us an email
30 days later - same pair of trousers.

And no loose stools. Bowel habits are normal.

Just eat normally like you always do and listen to your body. You will start to notice that your diet preference starts to change.
Ready to drink sachet will improve and maintain your health. Once your health is rejuvenated (especially your liver), weight is not an issue that trouble you any more.

With obesity gone, more than 50 obesity link health problems ranging from hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, to varicose veins are reduced.

GET HEALTHY - it will show.

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